Greenhouse Benches come in rolling tabletop and stationary styles and can easily be connected to run the entire length of a commercial greenhouse. Ideal for bench-top crop growing, plug growing, production applications, nursery applications, product displays, retail garden center applications, and research facility applications.

• Frames are manufactured from aluminium or galvanized structural steel, finished corners for attractive appearance and worker safety.
• Durable, economical and efficient for any greenhouse application.
• Assembled with stainless steel fasteners and topped with durable expanded metal.
• Rolling tabletop benches are designed to easily move to the side, creating alley ways ideal for nursery and greenhouse workers and also increasing growing space.
• Multi-Level Benches create additional space to display plants without increasing the bench’s footprint.
• Custom Width/Length/Height
• Expanded Metal Tops or Ebb and Flow Tray Tops
• Made in the South Africa, fabricated to your specific project.

We have fabricated stationary and rolling bench system in a variety of different styles and configurations for small or large greenhouse installations.  Whether you are redesigning an existing greenhouse or building a new greenhouse from the ground up contact us for the best custom solution for your operation.