vDeck System

VUSA Decks system is a fully customisable staging solution with limitless design options.  Constructed of a aluminum extruded frame, this system is light weight, offers few moving parts and is extremely durable. Adjustable or fixed height options are available and the entire assembly is compatible with the conical coupler interlocking design.

1. Deck

Vusa Deck Aluminium deck is a great deck for indoor and outdoor use. The aluminium extruded frame and 18mm thick plywood results in a deck that is light, strong and very versatile. The aluminum frame has integrated rail system that is used to interlock decks to create a complete platform. A full line of accessories and bracings are available to customize the platform to your requirements. All decks tops can be customised.

2. Stairs & Ramps

Adjustable and fixed height stairs can be securely attached to the deck. Both stair and ramp systems can be customised to fit your height.

3. Supports

  • Fixed Height Leg Supports: The most affordable support system that offer maximum durability and strength. The leg supports can be made from the the same high quality aluminium that is used on our platforms or from steel.
  • Adjustable Leg Supports : Used for touring purposes the adjustable support allows you to change the deck height based on your requirements. Additional bracing and leg clamps available for extra stability and rigidity at higher elevations. Can be used with the most challenging custom applications on stages and seating riser systems.
  • Scaffold Type Support : The scaffolding type support is the most reliable solution and versatile support solution. Based on our conical coupler design the system can be built up to your desired height.

4. Guardrails

Vusa Guardrail system is made up of 3 different profiles that attach to the deck rail system. Gaurdrail design can be specifically designed and made to match the look and feel of any project from classic to modern and sleek guardrail designs. 

5. Accessories

A range of accessories are available to enhance the deck and improve the overall platform stability.





Load Capacity 750kg /m2  
1 X 2meters  
Max Height upto 3 meters  
Frame Material Aluminium  
Deck 18mm Plywood, water resistant  
Self Weight 36kg per platform  
* should be used as a guide only, weight is dependent on the used components