Vusa towers are available in two types namely the vTower-290, based on the v290-HD4 truss, and the vTower-400, based on the v400-HD4 truss. Used as the main components in the roof structures, the towers are used as ground support where suspension points are not available.

With a wide range of base, sleeve block and top section accessories the towers can be used to build stable indoor and outdoor structures. The towers sleeve block can be used in conjunction with any Vusa truss profiles to create simple structures, such as a two-tower goal post, or a more complex multi-tower grid raised using electric chain hoists. The possibilities are endless.

1. Top Heads

Our flexible top head section can support the use of either a manual or motorised (top and bottom) chain hoists. The manual top head is able to support the motorised chain hoist with a small upgrade purchase.


2. Sleeve Block

The sleeve block fits perfectly over the Vusa truss profiles. Available in the v290 and v400 profiles, the sleeve block can be used  The sleeve block can be used in conjunction with any Vusa truss profiles with the use of an adapter plate. Additional bracket for self climbing motorised chain hoist are available.



3. Tower Truss

Our range of vTowers can be assembled using our standard v290 & v400 square truss, or us our specifically designed Tower Truss (represented by TT suffix)  . Based on the standard truss component the Tower Truss has additional horizontal bracing on one side to assist safe climbing.



4. Bases

We offer wide variety of bases that can be used for indoor and outdoor structures. Different sized flat steel bases, with integrated flush handles, can be used to stabilise indoor towers. While for outdoor structures our outdoor steel and aluminium bases are perfectly suited with adjustable screw jacks and long outriggers raising
large towers on uneven surfaces.





Load Capacity 1000 kg 1000 kg
Load Height 7.5m 9.5m
Max Height 8.0m 10.0m
Base Component v290-HD4 / v290-HD4TT
v400-HD4 / v400-HD4TT
Self Weight* 120kg 330kg
* should be used as a guide only, weight is dependent on the used components