VRoof Structures

Vusa outdoor roof structures are widely used in the entertainment industry. They offer an economical way to protect both people and equipment from the elements.

As with all Vusa products, we ensure a strong and safe structure that is durable enough to stand up to the heavy use and mobility that is demanded by the industry. Vusa roof structures come in different shapes and sizes to allow for a vast number of different audio/visual equipment configurations.


Constructed using v400-HD4 profile truss, the v400 roof series are formidable structures. Towering as high as 12m and bridging 14m spans, these structures can handle heavy loads and the abuse of the weather.


Height (A)

Width (B)

Roof (C)

Depth (D)

vRoof-S400-8x6 8.0m 8.0m 7.5m 6.0m
vRoof-S400-10x8 10.0m 10.0m 9.5m 8.0m
vRoof-S400-12x10 10.0m 12.0m 9.5m 10.0m
12.0m 14.0m 11.5m 12.0m