Truss Structures

Designed to support PA array, lighting equipment, LED screens and various grids, Vusa ground support system is an excellent method of extending the functionality of your truss. Purchasing additional specialised components your standard vusa trusses can be assemble into purpose specific complex structures such as Roof Structures, LED and PA towers

Meant for indoor and outdoor use, Vusa ground support systems can be adapted to your requirements with a variety of available accessories.


Where a quick and painless, hassle free setup is required, the v290 roof series is the way to go. A v290 roof can be erected within a few hours of arriving on site. v290 roof series are from standard v290-HD4 profile truss and are available in variety of configurations.


Constructed using v400-HD4 profile truss, the v400 roof series are formidable structures. Towering as high as 12m and bridging 16m spans, these structures can handle heavy loads and the abuse of the weather.