V290 Beam Truss

Vusa 290 series truss was designed specifically to offer support in permanent installations, structures, exhibitions and decoration. Straight components come in lengths varying from 1 to 5 meter pieces and are available in light duty and heavy duty configurations.

The V290 ladder truss provides for very economical truck pack & great versatility but it is still able to accommodate loads when used in the vertical setup. Whilst the vertical variation is predominantly used, as it is capable of bearing much higher loads then horizontal variation, we produce both variations.

Where looks and performance remain paramount, but space is restricted this is a obvious choice.




Connecting Cross Section 240 mm relating to the centerline 240 mm relating to the centerline
Outer Dimensions
290 mm relating to the outer edge 290 mm relating to the outer edge
Connection Type
Conical Coupler Conical Coupler
Main Chord
ø 50.8mm X 3.18mm ø 50mm X 2mm
Bracing Chord
ø 20mm X 2mm ø 20mm X 2mm
Weight +- 4.1 Kg/M +- 3.1 Kg/M

Load Table

Span Length (m)123456


CPL (in Kg) 1046 410 214 109 65.4 34
UDL (in Kg/meter) 1046 378 142 54.8 26.3 11.6


CPL (in Kg) 952 332 167.5 86 49 25.5
UDL (in Kg/meter) 952 332 111.7 43 19.6 8.8