Truss Profiles

Vusa aluminium truss offers world class modular aluminium trusses & truss components that easily integrated into a wide variety of temporary or permanent structures. Our various lengths of truss components allow for a quick & easy fit with our vast assortment of accessories and corners to create the truss structures that works best for you. Our truss systems are perfect for dj gigs, ligth shows, exhibitions, tradeshows, as well as theater sets and outdoor concerts. We have a truss profile that will match your needs.

V290 Beam Truss

Vusa 290 beam series truss, also known as the ladder truss, is designed for support in permanent and temporary installations, structures, exhibitions, theater, small events, ligth stand and decoration. This two-chord truss is frequently used for theatre sets, theater ligthing, studio installations and DJ gigs becasue of its compact style, light weight and high loading capacity when supported uniformly.

V290 Square Truss

The Vusa 290 square series truss, also now as the box truss or quadro truss, is designed as a versatile solution for permanent installations, rentals, trade fair stands, exhibitions and roof structures. Its compact dimensions make it the obvious choice if you are looking for a structure that transports and stores well, yet can maintain a high load rating and stability. This is the most affordable and most versatile system that is used as a base component in more complex structures.

V290 Triangular Truss

The Vusa 290 triangular truss is designed for light load installations such as projector screens, trade stands, and exhibitions. Its compact dimensions and various lengths make it the obvious choice if you are looking for a structure that transports and stores well.

V400 Square Truss

Vusa 400 series truss was designed for maximum support where high loads and long spans (up to 18m) are required. With main chords of 50x3.18mm and diagonal chords of 25x2mm, 400 series truss is strong enough to handle extremely heavy load capacities.