Film Riggers Captive Track

This is the first test footage of the new custom made Film Riggers Captive Track. The track can work over-slung or under slung. Using the Vusa v290 Square the max speed traveled in this clip is 4m per second and can be extended to any desired length.

Official link to the project websites :

Sun Star on Signal Hill

Cape Town has a new beacon of light, shining brightly into the night…and the future. It’s the new 24-metre high art installation, designed by artist Christopher Swift, that is now providing a physical and figurative glimmer of light in Cape Town.

The large-scale art installation takes the shape of a star tetrahedron, or a perfect cube. Installed on Signal Hill the structure has been designed by overlapping two tetrahedrons made from V400 Triangular Truss.

Purpose made corners were fabricated with interlocking laser cut 10mm 6082-T6 Aluminium plates welded to our standard V400 triangular truss profile. The massive star tetrahedron is 19.6m high. It has been placed on specially designed legs that follow the contour of the hill and result in an overall height of 22.6m. Viewing the star directly from above gives the star a 333.5 m2 footprint and spans 24m from point to point. With over 300 meters of truss the weight of just the star is 3200kg.

Wind loads and resonance were calculated for the structure at 300km/h

Toyota Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride

The Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride was launched at the BBC Top Gear Festival held at the Moses Mabida stadium in Durban on the 21-22 June. The Toyota Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride concept was created by Dieter Harel from CMC Studios and fabricated by Vusa Aluminium Truss.

The extreme obstacles, the Up & Over, the Strobe Tunnel & Jump and the Slide Slope sling shot where all fabricated using standard Vusa Truss profiles and purpose designed components. Our heavy duty(50x3.18mm) 4 chord profiles supported the easily the Toyota Yaris , weighting over 1000 KG, manoeuvring over the obstacles and in some instances even flying and safely landing on the obstacles. Stunt drivers took passengers for a thrill ride, one at a time, for the full duration of the festival with no damage to the structure.